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Welcome to HobbyFlyRC!

See why these leading ReadyToFlyFun™ products have been best sellers for over a decade!

Durable Trainer Planes and Novel Indoor Blimps since 2000.

Easy to fly with unprecedented crash tolerance that out-last almost anything else and our packages include all the extra's most desired by newcomers.

  • Exclusive product line of durable trainers, factory direct to you in plain packaging for maximum value.
  • Extreme Value Packages include spare battery, wing, tail and props.
  • If you own RC equipment, Customizable Kits allow you to order only what you need.
  • Email and Phone support with an experienced RC pilot proficient with all of our products.
  • Low cost replacement parts.

T-Hawk Sport Park Flyer

T-Hawk Sport Park Flyer [2001]

Crash tolerant plastic fuselage with rear motor for maximum protection. Easy to launch, fly and maintain. Speed and power with stability suitable for breezy days. Multiple landing gear options.

Brushed and Brushless versions available

These hobby-grade indoor blimps are sure to bring a smile for the flying enthusiast all year round!

ZEP-AIR Explorer RC Blimp

New ZEP-AIR™ Explorer RC Blimp [2014]

True hobby like multi-speed directional and lift thrusters allow you to fly with more control than the ordinary single speed toy Remote Control Airships. Long lasting foil balloon.

ZEP-AIR Messenger RC Blimp

New ZEP-AIR™ Messenger RC Blimp [2014]

Deliver your personalized message for smiles, greetings, advertising or fun on any occasion! The foil balloon is unprinted to allow use of permanent markers or stick on letters available seperately.

BalloonCraft RC Blimp

BalloonCraft RC Blimp [2000]

Bright, colorful 17" latex balloons allow this novel micro blimp to fly in the smallest rooms.
Multi player mode allows up to 4 to fly together.