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HeliumEasy and Safe Helium Filling From Home Party Kit Tanks
Simply attach the supplied hose and inflate the balloon until the BalloonCraft lifts off! Then remove the hose and cap the balloon connector nozzle.

Portable home helium tanks are sold in the balloon party kits available from the stores listed below. They are usually found in the party section and sell for $20-$30.

Wal-Mart / K-Mart / Target / SAM'S Club / COSTCO / Toys-R-Us / Smart&Final / Albertson's (seasonal)

This BalloonTime Helium Party Kit contains one 12cuft non-refillable tank of helium and includes attractive balloons and ribbon. Although the included balloons are unsuitable for BalloonCraft 2000, they might come in handy to make an obstacle course! The Kit arrives complete and ready to use.

This 12cuft tank will supply enough helium to completely fill the BalloonCraft 17" balloons 6 to 8 times, depending on atmospheric conditions and altitude.

Balloon Time helium party kits can be purchased at most major retailers and party stores. They are usually found in the party section and sell for about $20.

Where To Buy BalloonTime Locally