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T-Hawk RTF Park Flyer Electric Motorized Glider RC Plane
T-Hawk 380 RTF Extreme Value PackageT-Hawk 380 RTF Extreme Value Package
T-Hawk 380 RTF Extreme Value Package
Item#: 40501
List Price: $199.95
Price: $169.95

Product Description


This is the T-Hawk RTF enjoyed by park flyers worldwide for over a decade. It's impact resistant plastic nose, rear pusher prop - high wing design and fiberglass tail boom continue to make the T-Hawk a favorite choice of affordable easy-to-fly crash tolerant RC planes.  Powerful and stable enough to fly on breezy days.  Everything needed to fly is included except 8xAA batteries for the transmitter, plus this Extreme Value Package includes a spare wing set, props and even spare battery to keep you flying longer!

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Recommended for ages 12+ with adult supervision.


  • Fully assembled fuselage with receiver, servos, 10A ESC & brushed motor installed.
  • 27Mhz 3CH or optional 2.4Ghz Radio System
  • speed 380 or optional speed 480 motor
  • 3 x propellers
  • Spare Wing & Tail
  • TWO Premium Quality High Capacity 1200mAh 8.4V NiMH Intellect Brand batteries
  • 80 min Peak Charger with AC & DC auto adapters
  • Wire Frame Landing Gear or optional Heavy Duty Gear
  • Nylon Servos or optional Meatl Gear Servos installed.
  • Instruction Manual


  • 8xAA alkaline or rechargeable batteries for the transmitter


  • Extremely stable and easy-to-fly due to the auto leveling attributes of a top mounted wing and auto low CG fuselage design.
  • Crash Tolerant- Impact resistant plastic nose with rear motor pusher propeller,fiberglass tailboom, shock isolated servos, reinforced wings and motor mount.
  • Transmitter can be used solo or with buddy box for training.
  • Locator/Loss of Signal Beeper integrated into the receiver helps to recover the plane if lost.
  • Reliability and Performance - Time tested design continually improved for over 10 years.
  • Premium Intellect Brand 1200mAh 8.4V NiMH flight battery pack for longer flight times and life.
  • Conventional rudder /elevator tail configuration teaches flight control basics common to most all aircraft.
  • 100% reusable hobby grade control system components allow transplanting into other aircraft later.
  • Plenty of power to fly on breezy days - speed 380 motor with 8.4V battery and high efficiency direct drive propeller. Upgrade to speed 480 for 10% more power with slightly less flight time.


  • Wingspan: 40in
  • Wing Area: 217 sqin
  • Overall Length: 32in
  • Flight Weight: 20oz
  • Standard Motor: 380 PM Brushed Direct Drive
  • Battery: 1200mAh 8.4V NiMH Intellect Brand
  • Typical Flight Time: 10-15min
  • Balance Point: 1.5in from leading edge of wing
  • Charger: 12V DC Peak Charger with AC adapter
  • Radio System Range: 2000ft
  • Radio Reception Mode: FM/PPM Narrow Band Single Conversion

FlyRC Magazine Flight Report"The T-Hawk is fun to fly and built to last. With a broader speed range than many park flyers, I recommend it to sport pilots for its spunk and convenience. It would also be an excellent second plane for any newcomer who has received basic flight instruction. We give the T-HAWK the thumbs up."


T-Hawk Extreme Value Package Options

Radio System
27MHz Standard Radio
2.4Ghz Radio Option

FM/PPM narrow band single conversion with
30" wire receiver antenna fed through tail boom.

Virtually interference free with short 6" receiver antenna which fits inside the main pod.

Brushed Motor
380 Motor Standard
480 Brushed Motor
Speed 380
Standard power provides longer flight times.

Speed 480
Get 10% more power with slightly shorter flight time.

Nylon Gear Servo
Metal Gear Servo
Nylon Gear
Standard crash tolorance recommended for flying over grassy fields.
Metal Gear
For maximum crash tolorance recommended if flying near any paved surfaces, poles, buildings etc.

Landing Gear
Wire Frame Landing Gear
Heavy Duty Landing Gear
Wire Frame
Light weight allows slower flight best for training.
Heavy Duty
Ultra strong spring steel gear with jumbo foam wheels for paved or unpaved runways. Adds 2oz where it improves handling in windy conditions.